Community Engagement


Specify how you plan to ensure that all members of your community are kept informed about, and engaged in, the project, including how you will ensure community-wide public access.

Community awareness and involvement work is built into the planning and evaluation components of the project. Kuh-Ke-Nuh First Nations all maintain active community access sites. KNET services will develop, print-based, and interactive on-line and on-air information resources to support community awareness and involvement in all Kuh-ke-nah initiatives. All information resources will be available in the four predominant languages. KNET will also engage the University of Guelph's Snowden Centre to animate regular community-based dialogues. Yearly on-line conferences will augment community interaction and awareness.

  • Print - a quarterly newsletter summarizes steps and profiles user interaction with applications
  • On-line - development of an interactive web site for communities that archives project documentation and community feedback, showcases new applications, and chronologically graphs plans against outcomes.
  • On-air - Community Access Coordinators will use local community radio to broadcast project updates and solicit feedback. Information vignettes will be produced for broadcast on the Wawatay Radio Network.
  • Community Dialogues - the Snowden Centre's PACTS research methodology is dialogic and dynamic. The research process will engage community members in regular dialogues to inform and assess their comfort with the project's outcomes and their perceptions of its benefits. This information will be fed back to the Project Advisory and Management teams.
  • Conferences. On-line conferences will be organized to benchmark progress at the end of each year. The first year's conference will focus on a regional Nishnawbe-Aski audience. The second year's conference will draw on national Aboriginal partners. In the third and final year Kuh-ke-nah will host an International Indigenous Networking conference.

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