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25. Institute of Indigenous Government - John Rowlandson (July 27)

"I worked closely with these communities during the community consultation phase of the Broadband Networking study. That experience demonstrated a local commitment to using information technology to introduce significant changes in community life. It also pointed up K-Net's unique capacity to mange community-directed telecommunications projects and to deliver communications and support services."

26. Assembly of First Nations - Mike Maier, Systems Administrator (July 27)

"The Assembly of First Nations is very interested in projects such as the Keewaytinook Okimakanak proposal because it will provide valuable information that will assist other First Nation communities in the establishment of new technologies. We look forwarding to providing Keewaytinook Okimakanak with technical advice over the life of this project."

27. Fort Severn Band Members ...

Chief and Council:
"It is a service our employees use frequently. Especially e- mail or any information we may require. It open doorways for communication between First Nations communities or any large centres."

Christine Thomas:
"As a new K-Net and Internet user, I am learning to use this technology to further my education and learning. So far, I have discovered a wealth of learning material and any kind of information I need at the tip of my fingers.... Our community is very isolated and to be able to visit places through this technology is very educational."

Angus Miles:
"Students would benefit greatly from it on things such as school projects. ... it would provide a cheaper way of keeping in touch with friends and family in other places through chat lines and e-mail."

Marlene Chookomolin:
"We have been enjoying the benefits of using K-Net and the Internet. It's helped with the local businesses, organizations and people as well. ... Thanks to technology it is possible to see the same services provided in our community as to the ones in urban places. We would like to see videoconferencing in our businesses and organizations."

Madeline Stoney:
"When this technology was first introduced to the community, it immediately had a tremendous response. Internet has become part of an everyday tool to further educate the staff in their field of work. Internet has been used for community growth in business, education and keeping in touch with family. A community that is so isolated and remote there are endless advantages to having K-Net and Internet. The youth in this community are given better chances to explore the outside world in terms of career decision making."

Amanda Kakekaspan:
"It is important to have a Community Access Centre in a remote community. It gives everyone a chance to use the computers to log on K-Net, the Internet, or use the other programs. At our Community Access Centre there are people who can help others who are not familiar with using these programs."

Maybelline Matthews:
"Internet access is beneficial to students at the Wasaho School since they do not have a library at the school. They can get the research they need from the Internet. They have a wealth of information at their finger tips."

28. McDowell Lake Band Members ...

Margaret Lawson:
"McDowell Lake First Nation band members are now enjoying the benefits of having an Internet Access site where we can all go to use this new communication service. ... We want to continue to work with K- Net Services to develop our telecommunication infrastructure so additional services such as telehealth, video conferencing, and other broadband applications can be provided in our community."

Kimberly Lawson, Reuben James, Conrad Lawson:
"The Community Access Program provides basic computer training valuable in today's world and introduces the Internet to McDowell Lake First Nation community members. It introduces the Internet as a source of information, resources, services and is a viable opportunity for entrepreneurship."

29. Poplar Hill Band members

Anita Strang:
"The Internet and the improved telecommunication services in our community will help to reduce the isolation factor for all ..."

Alice Suggashie:
"For the past year I have been using the Internet to get information on medical, places, countries, people, movies and the world news which we don't get daily. It has been helpful sending e-mail messages ..."

30. North Spirit Lake

Community members letters to follow


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