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37. Cisco Systems - Thom Wolstencroft, Account Manager (July 22)

"... our visit to your community in the latter part of June, the time spent discussing with you the need for improved communications into the proposed sites, the subsequent design that has come out of the process, and our willingness to extend ourselves to assist you both now and in the future, illustrates our commitment to your project. Additionally, I believe that we have not even begun to scratch the surface of what we can expect to see in features, benefits, and applications for these communities. The network you are proposing is a highway for a great deal of applications (integrated voice, video, data, E- Comm, Web ennoblement) that can profoundly change life in these communities for the better."

38. The EDEN Project - Luke McWatters, CEO (July 29)

"The EDEN Project (Electronic Distributed Education Network) is the first and only service of its kind in Canada that delivers accredited high school courses online, delivered by qualified teaching professionals. ... We have observed the exciting work that you and your team have been doing and applaud you for the vision you have developed thus far. We would be privileged to be part of that vision."

39. Virtual Professionals Inc. - John Eberhard, President (July 29)

"The early work, which you have done in connection with the K-Net Services program, is an excellent precursor to the expectations of the Federal Department in connection with this new visionary plan. Building on the existing partnerships and introducing new resources and partners will provide opportunities in Northwestern Ontario which might be replicated in the future in many other remote interconnected communities ..."

40. Aboriginal Business Canada, NADF - Mike Belliveau (July 13)

"... in reference to your Statement of Intent to Aboriginal Business Canada to carry out a business plan to verify the viability of establishing a business(es) that will provide community wide access to advanced telecommunication services that include Internet and Video conferencing."

41. 807 Northwest Network - Les Mayes, Chair (July 29)

"807 Northwest Network has a large member base that includes: Lakehead University, Confederation College, Thunder Bay Regional Hospital, St. Joseph's Care Group, the Northwestern Ontario Cancer Clinic, the thirteen regional hospitals, most of the school boards in the region, Contact North, the City of Thunder Bay and most of the cities and towns in Northwestern Ontario. The SMART Communities' initiative will assist 807 Northwest Network members to implement, test and deploy broadband applications, with a view of making Northwestern Ontario a large, virtual, Smart Community."

42. Ministry of Citizenship, Culture and Recreation - Vera Kameda, Community Development Consultant (Aug 5)

"This is a letter of support for your K-Net project developing a business/information technology centre in each of the Keewaytinook Okimakanak First Nations communities. The developmental and operational strategies for the variety of broadband telecommunication applications and services that your organization is proposing will help these remote communities make huge strides in narrowing the information and communication gaps they presently endure. ... As you are working through particular phases of this, you may find that our Special Projects and Services Grant program - organizational and economic development categories useful for some further support. Also our Volunteer Action On Line program is still open for eligible applications ...

43. Human Resources Development Canada - Jack ODowda, Consultant (August 19)

"I have reviewed the material at The Smart Communities Program website. Clearly the goal of the program to facilitate the development and use of information and communication technologies for economic, social and cultural development is what your organization has been championing for some time. Your success in providing direction and in forming partnerships with HRDC and other agencies has been instrumental in the progress that has been made to improve communications on all levels for the communities you serve. Keewaytinook Okimakanak has provided a roadmap that other remote communities can follow to further their own development of communication technologies. HRDC Kenora supports your efforts to make further progress under the Smart Communities Program and looks forward to working with you in the near future.

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