Provide a list of the key members of the demonstration project team and summarize their relevant experience, interests, roles and responsibilities, and nature of involvement (e.g. staff or volunteer). Describe how you will work in partnership with others to implement this demonstration project.

The Project Management Team will consist of Brian Beaton (Project Leader), Darlene Rae (Human Resources and Training), Dan Pellerin (Infrastructure and Applications) George Kakekaspan (Awareness and Consultation), Penny Carpenter (Finance), and Geordie Kakepetum (Accountability). Brian Beaton is the Manager of KNET Services and will oversee all aspects of the project. Darlene Rae is the Manager of KNET Programs, Darlene will ensure that community-based workers are engaged, trained, and supported. Dan Pellerin is KNET's Network Administrator. Dan will work with technology partners to coordinate technology deployment, maintenance, and repair. Penny Carpenter is the Chief Financial Officer of Keewaytinook Okimakanak. Penny will manage project finances. George Kakekaspan is the Chief of the Fort Severn First Nation. George will coordinate community awareness and assessment. Geordie Kakepetum is the Executive Director of Keewaytinook Okimakanak. Geordie will ensure that project outcomes meet community needs.

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