Smart Results


Outline how you plan to measure progress throughout the course of the demonstration project. Identify key indicators that will show you are making progress towards achieving your vision.

KNET has developed a partnership with the Don Snowden Center for Development Communication at the University of Guelph to use a PACTS research framework to evaluate the development and implementation of the Kuh-ke-nah Network of Smart Communities. The PACTS (Partnerships, Accessibility, and Community Transformation Strategies) framework will dynamically document and assess Kuh-ke-nah progress. The objectives of the evaluation are:

  • To examine the partnerships among groups in each site
  • To describe the infrastructure and investment that provide accessibility
  • To determine the community services and applications that have made connectivity possible
  • To define the Outcomes and Outputs that constitute transformation
  • To analyze the emerging services, applications and new institutional roles that emerge from community-driven ICT innovation

The KNET project management team will complement the PACTS research by establishing Community Implementation Committees (CICs) and by monitoring progress related to infrastructural commitments and institutional migration to SMART service delivery. KNET will also use PACTs to establish a baseline for evaluating progress related to key community-based indicators such as:

  • the cultural relevance, timeliness and accuracy of local information on-line, number of hits registered on the Regional Portal, generation of new working environments (telework) and creation of new jobs, frequency of request for training, use of on-line forums, new inter- organizational networking commitments, relocation of service delivery, participation by local businesses in global or regional projects, secondary school completion rates, diffusion of computer literacy skills, electronic interaction with local decision-making bodies and government agencies, growth in personal web page development and e-mail traffic.

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