Economic Development Day

Participants identified who was present and who was absent in relation to the economic development with the aim of ensuring that those who are away are invited to review and comment on the workshop results.

Present Absent
Ennis Crowe - Housing Mathew Kakekaspan - Band manager

Madeline Stoney - E centre manager

Moses Kakekaspan - Counsellor
Irene Miles - Secretary Mel Oreclin - Co- manager
Mary Ann Thomas - ED Administration Victoria Mathews - Recourse worker
Bessie Turtle - Welfare administrator Linda Miles - Band administration
Elijah Albany - Elder Genny Kakekaspan - Welfare administration
David Neegan - KO ED Wendy Kakekaspan - Education administration
Peter Mathews - Community member Local business stores
Cornelius Mathews - Counsellor Crafts people
George Kakekaspan - Chief
Robert Thomas - Counsellor


Participants expressed their expectation in relation to economic development in cards.

Then, participants brainstormed on what Enhancing economic development means in Fort Severn.

Participants "sprayed" their ideas on a spray diagram, and then ordered their thoughts and ideas describing:

- the vision or results that the economic development workers are working towards (large bubbles),
- the programs they are involved with (in green),
- desired programs (in orange),
- how they are using and plan to use the technology that the SMART project brings to the community (in red),

- how they would like to use the technology (in blue), and
- what to measure to show that the visions or goals were being reached, or that the programs were moving ahead (yellow sticky papers)

Table of Results, Programs, Activities, Resources, and indicators for Economic Development in Fort Severn.


Programs / Resources/ Activities



First response training

Physical workforce is provided in transporting patients

X-ray training (P, PC, T, VC, OL, TR, SS)

Employment local technician

Training is provided

Crisis team training (P) (VC, OL, SS)

Better support system

Working together as a team brings the community more awareness to its crisis situation such as suicidal problems

Clinical training tele-health (P, PC, PCI, VC, T, OL)

Service been provided

Less people traveling to see physician

More people using tele-psychiatry

Financial swings

Counselling training (P, PC, VC, OL, PCI)

Community has a better assessment of social problems

Better communication

Better family support

CHR training (PCI, PC, OL, TR, SS)

Better communication in translation and interpretations with patients

Assessment basics

Less work for nurses

Facilitation skills (PC, PCI, VC, OL, SS)

Computer training (PC, PCI, VC, OL, SS)

Understand more about computers

Translation and interpretation (PC, PCI, VC, OL, SS, P)


Written and verbal as necessary

Medical equipment training

Faster service

A safer environment is being provided

Better care for patients

Access to databases (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P, TR, SS)

Will ensure follow-ups are maintained


Better services


Tele-health workstation

Equipment in place and installation has been a success

Project will provide better communication and less travel for patients

Families will spend more time with each other in the community


Elder disable emergency services (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P, SS)

Each home to have an emergency responder system


(structures, more staff, employment)

E-center (P, T, PC, PCI, SS, OL, W) (VC)

ICT business opportunities

Training programs


Extra stuff for the components

Youth centre (P)

More games

Police station (P) (PC, PCI, OL)

Protection and security

Local TV station (PC, PCI, P, T)

More bingos

More information and announcements

More radio shows

Nursing station (P, PC, PCI, T, OL, TR, VC, SS)

School (P, PC, PCI, T, OL, SS)

Recreation programs

Hospital (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

Doctors, nurses, equipment

Community hall (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

More feasts

More community activities


Daycare (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

Early childhood development programs

Traditional healing center (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

Elder involvement and support techniques

Nursing home (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

Satisfaction by elders of services provided

Happy elders

Detox treatment center (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

Less alcohol abuse

Less children being removed from the community

Local foster parenting

Library (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)


First response team facilities (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

Better response time

Effective team

Organized response


Tele-health building (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

More focus on health providing services

More equipment

Better services

Arena business center complex

Youth team

Leadership skills

Community greenhouse (P)

More home grown fresh vegetables

Crisis center (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

New playground

Kids interacting with each other including parents

More activities being provided

Better health and fitness

Fitness center (PC, PCI, OL, P)

Programs for all ages

Community awareness

Nurses (P, PC, PCI, T, SS, OL) (VC)

More knowledge of health issues

Health support

More attention

More communication

More medication

More encouragement in health situations

Prenatal nutrition (P, PC, PCI) (OL, VC)

More healthy prenatal moms

Healthy babies (P, PC, PCI, OL, SS) (VC)

More parents accessing with HB/HC

Providing information about health issues

Providing social support

Early childhood development

Home support (P, PC, PCI, OL) (VC)

Better care for elders

More volunteers

Diabetic control program

Less complications for diabetics such as dialysis, strokes, etc

Walking trail


Healthier people and lifestyles

Dietician program (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P, SS)

Healthier food in the community

Improve health services

Dental (P)


Shiny teeth

Less squinting


More knowledge of health issues

Health support

More attention

More communication

More medication

More encouragement in health situations

Mental health counseling (PC, PCI, T, P, SS, OL, VC)

Less stressed people

More support

More counselling

Alcohol, solvent, drug abuse (PC, PCI, OL, SS)

There would be AA programs

Spiritual support (P, T)

More happier people

Better living


NAN policing (P, T)


Better health

Better living

Ambulance (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

Trained paramedics and ambulance vehicle for the community

Higher education training

Better services in health with qualified professionals

Community based Medivac services (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

Less waiting time for air ambulance

Professional councillors (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

Less social problems

Stronger community

Physiatrist (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

Child mental support (PC, PCI, VC, OL, P)

Counselling would be available for the youth and children

Our own jet

Improve education services in health

Healthy babies

Healthy children

Diabetes nutrition

Oversee and maintain health programs that are community based

Health board (P, TR) (PC, PCI, OL, VC, W, T)

Band would ensure the delivery and coordination of the programs as in work plan

Accountability is essential to eliminate barriers

KO support services (P, PC, PCI, VC, TR, SS, OL, W)

KO Health advisory committee from each community ensures on how the program will be delivered

Resolution from chiefs are required to proceed on all programs

Better delivery and monitoring of programs

Better communication

Child services (P, T, PC) (VC, PCI, OL)

Achieve mental health services for children in the North

Family intervention services (P, T, PC)

Provides welfare to families having problems and assists families to help themselves

NAN health (P, T, PC, OL, W, SS, VC)

Community see NAN as a political body that will lobby for funding and funding will support the Tribal council and other health organizations to advocate community interest

Sioux Lookout F.N. authority (P, PC) (VC, OL, PCI)

FN Board of directors ensures that services are provided

F.N. and Health Canada (P, T, PC, PCI, OL)

Community receives funding and health services

Training (PC, PCI, SS, OL, VC, P)

Training from funders

Train the locals

Save funds