Education Day

On Tuesday, January 29, the focus was on education. Participants identified who was present and who was absent in the education sector, with the aim of ensuring that those who were away are invited to review and comment on the workshop results.

Chief George Kakekaspan Linda Miles - WEA board member
Christine Thomas - Chair of education board Mathew Kakekaspan - Education director
Elijah Stoney - Elder, mental health Moses Kakekaspan - Councilor
Daisy Kabestra - Tresurer / Health board
Seepa Gray - Board member
Kathleen Thomas - Project co-ordinator
Bob Salvisburg - Principal
Shirley Miles - Education councillor


Once again, participant expressed their expectations on cards.

Participants brainstormed on what contributes to a Quality education for Fort Severn.


The result was the following spray diagram, which later was organized.

The diagram allows everyone to "spray" their ideas on to paper describing:

- the vision or results that the education workers are working towards (large bubbles),
- the programs they are involved with (in green),

- the desired programs (in orange),
- the existing use of technology (in black),
- the desired use of technology (in blue), and
- what to measure to show that the visions or goals were being reached, or that the programs were moving ahead (yellow sticky papers)

Table of Results, Programs / resources, and indicators for Quality education in Fort Severn

The table below is a summary made from the diagram. Many programs outcomes contribute to more than one result.


Programs / resources / activities


Culture and tradition

Native language (P, PC, PCI) (VC, TR, OL)

Students to maintain their Native language

Crafts (PC, PCI) (W)

Learning how to make crafts

Goose break

Students learning how to preserve geese the traditional way

Community feast (P) (T)

Spend time together

"Very serious food fellowship"

Cultural activities (T)

Children are able to learn and retain cultural activities

To maintain and continue to preserve the culture

Traditional days

More quality time for families in the community through traditional days

Retain traditional knowledge

Traditional skills

Gain back traditional skills for our young people

Community elder support

Elders sharing ideas together and working together

Language retention

Translator / interpreter program (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

Cree – Oji cultural center

Training by OCCC staff to Fort Severn members

New equipment

Computers classes (SS, PC, P, T, PCI, OL)

New chairs, new desks, new tables, new hanging on the walls


New equipment to accommodate all age groups

Gym equipment

Healthier children

Activities and sports for the kids

40 kids in the gym every Friday evenings

Movie A/V equipment


Downloading new released videos

Movies for kids

New desks and chairs

Internet (PC, PCI, SS)

Software to control Internet content

New computers

Better computers


DVD and projector

Fundraising for the school

Heating furnace

Safer and warmer building for the kids

Reliable and fast Internet

Internet connectivity is improved


Curriculum writing (P, PCI, OL, P) (VC, TR)

Curriculum written for Fort Severn by Fort Severn members



Support program that are visible

There is no jobs available in the community after people are done with the program


Students getting credits for high school graduating with OSSD

Facilitation training (P, PC, SS, TR)

Staff workshops on reserve

WASAHO school

Grade 12 diploma without leaving Fort Severn


Educated without leaving home

Principal training (P, TR, SS, PC)

School leadership strong and healthy

Native teacher education program (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

More values

Native language program (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

Retention of Cree language

Online courses

Opportunity for people to upgrade their education

Adult education

More students and adults achieving higher level of education

Staff board training

More training for board members right at the beginning of the term

Orientation packages for next board members

Finance management

Better management decisions

Apprentreship specialization

Trained members for various trades

Computer training

Computer literacy dooming

More specialized training in computers

High school

Correspondence (VC, SS)

People taking courses at home

KIHS grade 9 (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

Students obtaining credits for grade nine levels


Graduated students moving up to post secondary

KIHS grade 12 (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

More kids graduating

More kids staying in the community

Less drop-out due to maturity

New bigger school bus


Students are safe

Trade school (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

Apprentices and journeyman’s

Qualified local teachers

Native Classroom Assistance Program

5 local teachers

One local education councillor

5 local TAs

Native Counsellors Training Program

Native Teachers Education Program (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

Tutor escort (PC, PCI, P, OL, SS)

Special ed (P, PCI, PC, TR, SS, OL, T)

FN, BA, and B.ED students (PC, OL, PCI, P, W)

WAHSA and T.A. grade 12 (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

Adults upgrading and enhancing their education levels

Physical educator

Healthy living

Local teachers

2 local teachers have OTCs

2 local teachers have Native language training

3 TAs have NCAP training

3 TAs have done tutor escort

Post secondary student retention

Trade instructor

Local qualified instructor

Qualified supply staff

Better control of classes if teacher is away

Qualified TA-s

Early childhood education teacher

Qualified ECE teacher

Qualified substitute teachers

Teacher student ratio

Less crowded classrooms

Better learning

Additional teachers

Building and facilities

Restaurant (P)

Healthy cooking

Portable KIHS

New classrooms with spacious work areas

School (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, T)

Youth centre (P, PCI)

Activities, games

WAHSA learning centre (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

E-centre (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

More staff to teach people

Hockey ring

New ring

Teacherage (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, T)

Fitness centre (P)

Healthy community

KHIS facility (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

More students

More jobs

New gym

Hockey arena (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

More community people involved in the activities

CAP facility

Trade centre (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

A place where to teach auto shop, welding

Early childhood education centre (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

A qualified kindergarten teacher with OTC

Prepare children before entering school

Community involvement & awareness

Parenting night report (P, PC)

Communication with teachers

Parents to be aware of the importance of attendance and level of their children education

Homework (P, PCI)

Cree cultural program (P, T, PC, PCI)

Newsletter written in local language

Healthy babies / healthy children (T, TR, SS, P, PCI, VC)

Identify future needs for kids under three yrs old

Bi-weekly report to parents (W)

Informed parents

Xmas contest / graduation (P, PC)

Community participation

Parenting skills (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

Well disciplined children

Aboriginal Head Start funds (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

Pre-K (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

Kids are ready to attend K 4 class

Breakfast program (P, T)

Start the day healthy and ready to learn

Incentives (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

More parents involved with activities

More volunteers


INAC funding (P)


Do we still get the grant?

Aboriginal Healing Foundation (P)


Adequate funding

More teachers

New school

Birth rate (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

Reports available

Capital plan (PC, PCI, SS, T)

Environmental assessment (P, T) (OL)

Reports available

Classrooms for every grade (P, PCI, PC, VC, TR, SS, OL, W, T)

Long range plan in motion

Forecast student population in 15 to 20 yrs (OL)

Legend: video-conferencing (VC), personal computers with Internet (PCI); training (TR), service support (SS); On-line services including list serves, chat, discussion forum (OL); websites (W); (P) phone, (PC) personal computer, and new technology (T)

The evening of Wednesday, we enjoyed a great feast, where many community members join ed.