National C-Band Public Benefit Working Group

Utilizing Industry Canada's C-Band Transponder

An Opportunity for Working Together to Deliver Broadband Connectivity in Every First Nation, Rural and Remote Community Across Canada


1. Contact List

Identifying local champions and resource people aware of this opportunity will be an ongoing challenge for everyone involved in this work. Check out the contact information of the people who attended the initial meeting in Winnipeg.

As well, we want to expand this group until every rural and remote community across Canada has at least one local champion who is working to establish broadband connectivity for local benefit and development opportunities.

Submit your name and contact information as the local contact for your community and be included on the Contact List of this group.

2. Discussion Forum (e-mail Listserve) sponsored by Headwaters Project, Northern Saskatchewan

To discuss information in a cooperative environment concerning this shared public benefit.
To subscribe to the list serve, just send an empty note to

3. On-line Information Sharing

To share information (proposals, announcements, developments, strategies, etc) on local initiatives and opportunities concerning the use and access of this public benefit.
The latest information on this initiative and the work of the partners is posted at

Information can be posted by completing the document / news form.

4. Photo Gallery

Send your pictures of your satellite sites and applications to K-Net Services to be included in the Photo Gallery. OR
Request your own account for posting your pictures to this photo gallery.

We want to demonstrate how this public benefit is supporting rural and remote communities to develop and share local resources and opportunities as well as access services from other centres.

5. Meeting #1: Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba on April 22, 23, 2002

* Meeting Agenda
* Minutes for April 22, 2002 session (in PDF format OR HTML)
* Minutes for April 23, 2002 session (in PDF format OR HTML)

1. Share regional satellite information concerning communities, existing infrastructure, existing broadband applications, plans / proposals / directions, satellite needs

2. Learn about Industry Canada's C-Band Transponder and K-Net's arrangement to develop a portion of this resource to deliver community services for public benefit using a local aggregation model

3. Examine different network management models that can be used to share this limited resource and maximize its potential for the public benefit of First Nations, rural and remote communities

4. Develop a consortium of potential partners of regional networks in the development of a strategy to deliver efficient usage of the limited C-Band space by sharing information and working together to support the goal of delivering broadband connectivity to every community by 2005