Industry Canada's C-Band Transponder
Getting Together To Examine Strategies on Utilizing this Public Benefit



April 22, 23, 2002
Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Meeting Title:
Industry Canada's C-Band Transponder: A Public Benefit for Delivering Broadband Connectivity in First Nations, Rural and Remote Communities
Meeting Chairperson:
Ken Thomas, Assembly of First Nations
Meeting Coordinators:
Brian Beaton & Dan Pellerin, K-Net Services
Meeting Host:
Wayne Boyce, Manitoba Telehealth
Meeting Location:
John Buhler Research Centre, Board Room, Fifth Floor, 715 McDermot Avenue
Meeting Objectives:
1. Share regional satellite information concerning communities, existing infrastructure, existing broadband applications, plans / proposals / directions, satellite needs

2. Learn about Industry Canada's C-Band Transponder and K-Net's arrangement to develop a portion of this resource to deliver community services for public benefit using a local aggregation model

3. Examine different network management models that can be used to share this limited resource and maximize its potential for the public benefit of First Nations, rural and remote communities

4. Develop a consortium of potential partners of regional networks in the development of a strategy to deliver efficient usage of the limited C-Band space by sharing information and working together to support the goal of delivering broadband connectivity to every community by 2005

Meeting Participants:

- see attached Contact List
Contact Information for all those in attendance and those who wish to continue being included in this development is included

Meeting Schedule:
NOTE: We requested that everyone bring copies of any information and regional network installations / needs that they are comfortable sharing with the group.
Monday, April 22, 2002

1:00 Registration

1:30 Opening Comments (Ken Thomas, Chairperson) and Introductions

2:00 Regional Updates concerning satellite served communities

Proposed Presentation Strategy: Because of the size of the group and tight timelines, we are limiting regional presentations to a maximum of half an hour in the hope that everyone will have an opportunity to provide a brief overview of their region (one person will lead the information sharing for the region and others from the region can contribute and add to the information as required).
- Kamtivik Gordon Cobain
- Labrador Doug and Cindy Robbins (via t/c)
- Quebec Stéfane Boudrias, et al (via t/c)
- Northern Ontario Dan Pellerin / Carl Seibel
- Manitoba Maurice Montreuil / Wayne Boyce / Glen Collins
- Saskatchewan Bryan Orthner
- British Columbia Ian Cameron
- Northwest Territories Linda Maljan / Jeff Philipp
- Yukon Erick Eid
- Nunavut Alison Rogan / Rich Kimbell
Other Suggested Presentations: time permitting
The Development of Articom Peter Boorman
First Nation SchoolNet Program Options Rachel Roy
Aboriginal Canada Portal Patrick Haggerty
Tuesday, April 23, 2002
8:00 Coffee and Networking

8:30 Industry Canada's C-Band Transponder - A Public Benefit - Jacques Drouin

9:00 K-Net's agreement with Industry Canada - Carl Seibel / Dan Pellerin

9:30 An operational TDMA network management system - Jeff Philipp

10:00 Other satellite network management options - Ed Miller / Peter

10:30 Regional Requirements (summary of previous day) - Brian Beaton

11:00 Development Strategy for using available transponder space - Chairperson

11:45 Meeting follow up requirements - Meeting Chair

12:00 Wrap up and comments

Meeting Participant List (as of April 19, 2002)

1. Alison Rogan CED Division, Government of Nunavut
2. Adamee Itorcheak Nunanet in Iqaluit, Nunavut
3. Glenn Steiner IC representative in Nunavut
4. Borys German Spectrum Engineer with IC working with Nunavut

5. Linda Maljan GNWT (Yellowknife)
6. Jacquelyn Burles GNWT (Yellowknife)
7. Jeff Philipp SSI Micro (Yellowknife)
8. Eric Eid NWTel

9. Wayne Boyce Telehealth Program Manitoba (Winnipeg)
10. Glen Collins Project Manager, Manitoba Telecom (Winnipeg)
11. Maurice Montreuil Manitoba Broadband (Winnipeg)
12. Frank Fazio IC Business Development Officer, Manitoba
13. Alfonz Koncan Western Economic Diversification Program, Manitoba
14. Sheila Engel Manitoba Health

15. Ian Cameron BC / Alberta Schoolnet help desk, BC
16. Peter Boorman Vancouver Teleport (Vancouver)

17. Bryan Orthner Headwaters Project (Smart Saskatchewan)
18. Ken Alecxa Western Economic Diversification Program, Sask
19. Ken Thomas Neegan-Burnside Engineering & Technology (SK)

20. Brian Beaton K-Net (Sioux Lookout, ON)
21. Dan Pellerin K-Net (Sioux Lookout, ON)
22. Carl Seibel FedNor (Thunder Bay, ON)

23. Mike Collins Telesat (Ottawa)
24. Ed Miller Telesat (Ottawa)
25. Jim Hamilton Communications Research Centre Canada (Ottawa)

26. Patrick Haggerty INAC (Ottawa)
27. Jacques Drouin Connectivity Manager, IC SchoolNet (Ottawa)
28. Rachel Roy Industry Canada First Nations SchoolNet (Ottawa)
29. Will Dubitsky Industry Canada SchoolNet (Ottawa)

30. Stéfane Boudrias SOCAM (Quebec City), (via teleconference)
31. Gordon Cobain Katavik Regional Government, Kuujuuaq/Nunavik (QC)

32. Cindy Robbins Smart Labrador (via teleconference)
33. Doug Robbins Smart Labrador (via teleconference)