Deer Lake Governance

The K-Net local and out of town staff got together with the people of Deer Lake to talk strategy for economic development. Community members who were present had a lot of ideas on how the SMART project would be able to make a difference in the development of new opportunities.

The day's agenda was introduced. Ricardo Ramirez and Galin Kora of Telecommons Development group started off the workshop by developing charts, spray diagrams and showing a slide presentation. We talked about visions for new initiatives, and how SMART could change the face of existing ones.

Ricardo showed a presentation of how other learning centers are doing in other countries. He showed us slides of Peru and other improvished countries, and how technology has changes lives. The slides showed what they are doing with ICTs and about it.

Deer Lake community members from different sectors gave a lot of input on potential strategies for developing our economy. The presentations and workshop brought out ideas for new Economic Development planning.