Adi Linden

Adi Linden, Network Systems Analyst
KO Sioux Lookout

Adi Linden has been using information and communications technologies (ICTs) for twenty-two years. As K-Net’s Network Systems Analyst, he takes care of K-Net’s network development and network maintenance, researches and evaluates any new technologies as they develop, and reboots the network whenever needed.

Being prepared to analyse and troubleshoot any network outages or problems as soon as they occur is the top priority motivating Adi's work each day. For the past five years he has been part of the team that designed and built the whole K-Net network.

"My goal is to introduce new technology and to continue developing the network so it’s capable of performing as well as it can," Linden said. He often does repairs at odd times of the day or night, as noted in the Network section on the K-Net page.

You can reach Adi at KO Sioux Lookout (807 737-1135) or by e-mail at