The Gathering Archive provides access to all of the programmed events of 17 and 18 March, 2004.

Wednesday 17 March 2004

  • Opening
    An interactive videoconference opening the conference involving Keewaytinook Okimakanak staff and our partners in ICT development. This event will also be webcast and accessible via the Gathering Home Page.
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  • Keynote Address
    Managing ICT Development from the ground up
    North Spirit Lake e-Centre Manager Darlene Rae offers a personal overview of her work in ICT development in remote communities in Northern Ontario since 1995. View Archived Presentation  
  • Community e-Centre Managers Forum
    What the SMART Project has meant in our community
    This forum features e-Centre Managers Oscar Meekis,
    Madeleine Stoney, Raymond Mason, Darlene Rae, and Susan Owen who highlight in video and slides the rollout and impact of the SMART project in each of their communities. View Archived Presentation  
  • Computers in Homes
    Kasmira Warbrooke and Melody Hare, Tuhoe Education Authority, Aotearoa, New Zealand present a North Island initiative to increase home-based access to personal computers. View Archived Presentation  
  • Using ICTs to strengthen the training of bilingual Mayan teachers: Lessons learned from Enlace Quiché. Domingo Camaja Santay and Andrew Lieberman. Enlace Quiche, Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala (Bilingüe en español y en ingles) discuss the process and the results of efforts to increase access to Mayan language resources. View Archived Presentation  
  • Cultural Repurposing and its Issues
    Peter Radoll, PhD Candidate, Information Technology Department, Australian National University, staff - Information Systems School summarizes concerns and priorities for digitizing traditional knowledge. View Archived Presentation   
  • Telecentro TIC Calamarca 
    Armando Lara Godoy, Operations Manager, AES Communications, SA, Bolivia and Gunter Zetesche, foundatino Eco Pueblo describes a corporate partnership between AES Telecom and Calamarca that provides local access to ICTs. (Bilingüe en español y en ingles) View Archived Presentation  

Thursday 18 March 2004

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  • Bridging the Broadband Divide: Strategies for Rural and Developing Regions
    Heather Hudson, Professor of Communications, University of San Francisco  View Presentation 
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  • The K-Net Story
    Kuh-ke-nah Project Leader Brian Beaton examines the origins of K-Net as a First Nations tool for community development. View Archived Presentation  
  • KO TeleHealth
    Penny Carpenter, Health Director for Keewaytinook Okimakanak, describes how Telehealth services are addressing Indigenous health priorities in Ontario’s most remote and isolated communities  View Presentation 
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  • Keewaytinook Internet High School
    KiHS Vice-Principal, Freda Kenny, engages the basic questions and conditions that stimulated the emergence and expansion of internet-based education for First Nations  View Archived Presentation  
  • Multimedia Services
    Jesse Fiddler, Manager of Multimedia services at K-Net, summarizes how new media skills have been used to improve access to Indigenous language and culture. View Archived Presentation  
  • Network Infrastructure
    K-Net Network Manager, Dan Pellerin, discusses how K-Net built community-based priorities into the network’s design and functionality.
    View Archived Presentation  
  • Keewaytinook Okimakanak SMART Roundtable
    Next steps
    An interactive videoconference roundtable discussion with KO SMART proponents Chief John McKay, Geordi Kakepetum, Carl Seibel, Brian Beaton, and Jesse Fiddler, who outline their vision of the future in ICTs with a particular emphasis on how KO would like to share and market its SMART skills and knowledge. This event will also be webcast and accessible via the Gathering Home Page. 
    View the Archived Video Conference 
  • Conference Photogallery - View conference photos from the K-Net office here