How to Participate in this Conference

The Kuh-ke-nah International Gathering is using three main technologies to promote world-wide Indigenous participation. We’ve also tried to anticipate some of the common problems that you might have attending this type of Gathering.

1. Webinars.

More than 100 people have registered for the Gathering. Registrants will be able to attend any of the 13 web-enabled telephone seminars offered on March 17 and 18. Webinar participants will join Presenters in web-conference rooms where they will view slides. They will also be connected through an international telephone bridge. This way communities with only basic internet access can learn from the experiences of others and exchange knowledge and practices.

All of the Webinars are linked directly from the Gathering Agenda page (click here)

2. Webcasts

. The opening and closing sessions of the Gathering will be live videoconference webcasts. You can access the webcasts from the main page of the Gathering website: Once the Gathering has begun, you will be able to enter the webcast and participate by text chat.. You must download the QuickTime Player to participate in the webcast: If you would like to do this now – please point your browser to: The download and install will take about 10 minutes on a dial-up connection.

3. Archive.

All of the Webinars and the Webcasts will be available in the Gathering Archive. Visit the Gathering Archive (here) to download presentation materials. You can also retrieve extensive documentation and video footage from the Resource Room.

4. HELP! If you need help – please go to the Resource Room (here):  and click on the words – Need Help? This site provides information about how to connect to phone conferences and provides answers to common connectivity problems.