Barney Turtle

Barney Turtle, Multi-media Producer
Fort Severn First Nation

Barney Turtle is a Fort Severn First Nation band member who has been using information and communications technologies (ICTs) for two and a half years. As the E-Centre’s Multi-media Producer, he produces ads for the TV station and posts information and photos about community events on the community portal,, as well as providing production and computer/software support to KIHS.

Supporting community members who are building their own webpages and developing content for all streams of the E-Centre are the two priorities that motivate Barney’s work each day. For the past two and a half years he has worked hard to update the portal on a regular basis, which is time consuming because of the system’s speed.

"I’d like to do more reporting and further develop the webpage," Turtle said, explaining that he is interested in posting more photos and information on the upgraded portal. His other main goal is to help develop the E-Centre so it will continue after the SMART funding runs out.

You can reach Barney at the Fort Severn E-Centre (807 468-1171) or by e-mail at