Brian Beaton

Brian Beaton, K-Net Coordinator
KO Sioux Lookout

Brian Beaton has been using information and communications technologies (ICTs) since high school, for over 30 years. As the K-Net Coordinator, he acts as a liaison with various government departments and the communities, gathers and publicizes information about K-Net’s achievements, and works on funding for K-Net’s ICTs.

Identifying strategies using ICTs to support the development of First Nations that K-Net works for, working with all of K-Net’s partners to support the ongoing operation and the network, and developing new applications and opportunities are the three priorities that motivate Brian's work each day. For the past ten years he has worked to develop partnerships between the north and the south and to improve the online communication systems across the north.

"Working for and with First Nations and indigenous people in the development of ICTs has been the best learning experience in my life," Beaton said, explaining that he has worked with communities with a rich history and knowledge that they are now able to share with others via K-Net’s ICTs. Beaton’s goal is to continue to expand and develop new opportunities using ICTs with the people in "this very special region."

You can reach Brian at KO Sioux Lookout (807 737-1135) or by e-mail at