Brian Rae

Brian Rae, Computer Technician
North Spirit Lake First Nation

Brian Rae is a North Spirit Lake First Nation band member who has been using information and communications technologies (ICTs) for two years. As the E-Centre’s Computer Technician, he repairs computers in the community and looks after any problems that occur in the community’s network, such as resetting the system and repairing cables or connections.

Maintaining the computers in the band office, school, and health clinic and training youth on how to build homepages are the two priorities that motivate Brian's work each day. For the past three months he has worked hard to train the band staff on all the different tools, such as computer and Internet usage.

"I repair computers, train the old and young in the community, and keep the system going on a daily basis," Rae said, explaining that his job is very interesting. "I never thought it would be this interesting."

You can reach Brian at the North Spirit Lake E-Centre (807 776-0141) or by e-mail at