Dan Pellerin

Dan Pellerin, Manager, Network Services
KO Sioux Lookout

Dan Pellerin has been using information and communications technologies (ICTs) for 26 years. As the Manager, Network Services, he works with the K-Net team to make sure the network is running properly, to resolve problems as they occur, and to get K-Net’s new projects implemented.

Making sure that K-Net’s network keeps running smoothly and ensuring that all of K-Net’s users are satisfied with their network connectivity are the two priorities that motivate Dan's work each day. For the past eight years he has worked hard to expand K-Net to its present state and to build the community owned broadband networks in the KO communities.

"I work with a great team of people who work 110 per cent for the communities," Pellerin said, explaining that without their teamwork, none of K-Net’s success would have been possible. Each team member has their specialty area and they all depend on each other’s skills to deliver results. Pellerin’s goal is to continue delivering a high quality of service to the clients and the communities.

You can reach Dan at the KO Sioux Lookout (807 737-1135) or by e-mail at networkmanager@knet.ca