Darrell Ostamas

Darrell Ostamas, Multi-media Producer
Deer Lake First Nation

Darrell Ostamas is a Deer Lake First Nation band member who has been using information and communications technologies (ICTs) for six to seven years. As the E-Centre’s Multi-media Producer, he gathers information from the community to post on the community portal, deerlake.firstnation.ca, and he also maintains that portal, along with other portals in the community, such as deerlakechildrenscentre.myknet.org.

Training community members how to use digital cameras and html for their webpages and acting as the local reporter in Deer Lake are the two priorities that motivate Darrell’s work each day. For the past one and a half years he has worked hard to develop the
community portal online and to learn more about posting images and video clips on that portal.

"My main goal is to produce little video clips showing the community of Deer Lake," Ostamas said, explaining that he is interested in posting video clip profiles of people at work in the community as well as other topics that would be of interest. He is also interested in using legends to highlight other aspects of the community.

You can reach Darrell at the Deer Lake E-Centre (807 775-9473) or by e-mail at darrellostamas@knet.ca