Freda Kenny


Hi, My name is Freda Kenny. This is my second year with KiHS and my first year as Vice-Principal. I’m also the classroom Mentor in Keewaywin and I teach Individual and Family Studies.

This year should be very exciting for me. Getting back into administration is something I look forward to again. Before I moved to Ontario I was a high school principal in Newfoundland and Labrador. As vice-principal, I will have an opportunity to visit the 13 KiHS communities later in the year and actually meet many of the students I know on-line.
I’ll be living in Keewaywin with my husband, Ed. He will be teaching grade 7/8 and remedial reading in the elementary school. I have 2 terrific children - who are now young adults. Our oldest, Mari, graduated from university in May and is currently doing a graduate course in Coastal Resource Management. She is very concerned about ocean management and wants to be involved in protecting this precious resource. Our youngest, Andrew, is a pilot and is working in southern Ontario. He is working very hard to build up his flying time so he can get a job with a major airline carrier. It’s always a special time when we get together, especially now that we live so far apart.
I try to be active so I enjoy walking, biking and cross-country skiing. I also like to travel and had a terrific summer traveling to the Pacific, back to the Atlantic and finally up to northern Ontario. It was an excellent opportunity to see our vast and beautiful country.
I’m looking forward to my second year in the north, to meeting new people and to another year at KiHS.