Jamie Ray

Jamie Ray, Junior Helpdesk Technician
KO Sioux Lookout

Jamie Ray is a Flying Post First Nation band member who has been using information and communications technologies (ICTs) for two years. As the Junior Helpdesk Technician, he supports all of the KO communities with video conferencing, satellite connections, and networking services.

Providing computer, network and videoconferencing support services to First Nations SchoolNet schools and installing videoconferencing equipment in those schools are the two priorities that motivate Jamie’s work each day. For the past three months he has worked hard to connect the videoconferencing equipment and to train school staff how to use the equipment.

"Training people how to use the ICTs, how to diagnose problems, and how to repair minor problems," Ray said, are the main functions of his role as the Junior Helpdesk Technician. "We like to show them how to fix the problem." Ray’s future goal is to encourage people to become more comfortable with ICT usage, and to teach them how to fix many problems themselves.

You can reach Jamie at KO Sioux Lookout (807 737-1135) or by e-mail at jamieray@knet.ca