Jesse Fiddler

Jesse Fiddler, Multi-media Coordinator
KO Sioux Lookout

Jesse Fiddler is a Sandy Lake First Nation band member who has been using information and communications technologies (ICTs) for ten years. As the Multi-media Coordinator, he manages all of K-Net’s websites and some of its servers, provides Helpdesk services for the websites, and provides training to people throughout the KO communities and First Nations SchoolNet.

Building tools that are easy enough for people to use without too much technical knowledge and trying to share his expertise and knowledge with others in the communities are the two priorities that motivate Jesse's work each day. For the past four years he has built a world class website with resources that people use on a daily basis regardless of where they are from.

"My main goal is to build the tools and website to a point where people can take control and manage it on their own," Fiddler said, explaining that he would also like to provide the communities with the training and expertise to manage it. "I’d like to see our communities being able to build their own videos, movies, on-line games, and animations. Basically everything that is available on the web."

You can reach Jesse at the KO Sioux Lookout (807 737-1135) or by e-mail at