Madeleine Stoney

Madeleine Stoney, E-Centre Manager
Fort Severn First Nation

Madeleine Stoney is a Fort Severn First Nation band member who has been using information and communications technologies (ICTs) for nine years. As the E-Centre Manager, she manages the E-Centre, the cable system, and the community radio and TV stations, and works to model and support the use of ICTs throughout the community.

Supporting the E-Centres existing programs, in terms of technology, and providing one on one training sessions along with annual community engagement workshops are the two priorities that motivate Madeleine’s work each day. For the past three years she has worked hard at network administration along with providing ICT training to the band staff and community members.

"My main goal is to sustain the E-Centre after the three year SMART project is over," Stoney said, explaining that she is busy looking at different ways to keep the E-Centre running after the SMART funding runs out. She is working towards continuing to meet the needs of the existing programs and the community members.

You can reach Madeleine at the Fort Severn E-Centre (807 468-1171) or by e-mail at