Peter Campbell

Peter Campbell, Public Works Manager
KO Balmertown

Peter Campbell is a North Spirit Lake First Nation band member who has been using information and communications technologies (ICTs) for six years. As the Public Works Manager, he manages the public works unit and works as a community liaison to ensure that jobs are completed for the KO communities.

Developing capacity, skills and jobs in the communities and providing quality services to the communities are the two priorities that motivate Peter's work each day. For the past eight years he has helped with the infrastructure development that has taken place in the KO communities, bringing the communities closer to the level that Canada takes for granted.

"Helping people to help themselves," Campbell said, explaining that when skills are transferred to people in the communities, then those communities will be better able to look after themselves. Campbellā€™s goal is to work towards more independent communities in terms of skills and knowledge, so they will have the knowledge to acquire independence.

You can reach Peter at KO Balmertown (807 735-1381) or by e-mail at