Poplar Hill First Nation

Chief Patrick Owen is the elected leader of Poplar Hill, which is located about 120 km north of Red Lake. Its population consists of 378 on-reserve members and Ojibway is the community language.

E-mails are the most popular use of ICTs in Poplar Hill. The biggest impact from ICTs in the community has been the E-Centre, explained Susan Owen, E-Centre manager. "The E-Centre gives people an opportunity to access the different tools," Owen said, noting that people also use the E-Centre for conferences and workshops because of easy access to ICT tools, such as videoconferencing.

Poplar Hill is connected to a T1 service from the Bell Canada digital microwave radio network.

They operate their local cable system to connect all their offices and homes to broadband services.

Visit our Community Portal: http://poplarhill.firstnation.ca