Keewaytinook Okimakanak is Oji-cree term for Northern Chiefs.
Keewaytinook Okimakanak is a non-political Chiefs Council which advises and assists their member First Nations. The organization is directed by the Chiefs of the member First Nations who form our Board of Directors.
The First Nations include Deer Lake, Fort Severn, Keewaywin, McDowell Lake, North Spirit Lake, and Poplar Hill.  SEE MAP OF K.O. FIRST NATIONS
Deer Lake McDowell Lake
Fort Severn North Spirit Lake
Keewaywin Poplar Hill.
Kuh-ke-nah Network Diagram (click here)
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Keewaytinook Okimakanak presently has staff working in ten different areas serving and supporting the First Nations. These services include: 

Economic Development
Geordie Kakepetum - Executive Director
Ross Mamakeesic- NAN Community Research Coordinator

Administration staff manages the overall operation of the Chiefs Council. They liaise with the six Chiefs of the Board of Directors, the Council staff and other organizations. (read more)
Jacob Ostaman - Economic Development Worker
The Economic Development team provides assistance to First Nations and individual band members from Keewaytinook Okimakanak in areas of business, training and proposal development that would enhance the vision of self-sufficiency for all Aboriginal people. (read more)
Education Finance

Margaret Fiddler- KIHS Principal
Lynda Kakepetum - KIHS Guidance Counsellor
Doug Spracklin - KIHS Vice Principal
Francine Mckenzie - Education Office Support 

Information about the Keewaytinook Internet High School can be found at

Keewaytinook Okimakanak Education is funded to provide advisory services and to assist the first Nations in a variety of areas. (read more)

Penny Carpenter - Financial Manager / Advisor
Christine Thomas - Payroll Personnel Officer
Brenda Beardy - Accounting Clerk
Michelline Sanna - Finance Clerk

The Finance Team provides assistance and advice to the First Nations as well as accounting support for the Chiefs Council. (read more)

Health     K-Net Services 

Orpah Mckenzie - Health Director
Linda Kay Peters- Health Assistant
Phyllis Chowaniec - Long Term Care Nurse
Elizabeth Pahkala - Health Secretary


Keewaytinook Okimankanak's health services is funded through the Medical Services Branch, Health Canada, the Ministry of Health and other health-related programs. (read more)

Brian Beaton - K-Net Services Coordinator 
Dan Pellerin - Network Manager
Adi Linden - Network Systems Analyst
John Moreau - Hardware and Software Technician
Jesse Fiddler - Multimedia Applications
Wanda Kakepetum - Secretary
Lars Dixon - Balmertown Computer Technician
Margaret Lawson - McDowell Lake Computer Techician

Cal Kenny - Graphic Designer

Keewaytinook Okimakanak's Computer Services (K-Net) became Industry Canada's Aboriginal Smart Demonstration project in May 2000 (see, and the Smart Communities web site for more information about this project). The project was officially launched on July 6, 2001 in Balmertown (see the Kuh-ke-nah Network of Smart First Nations launch site)

The staff of K-Net develops and maintains the K-Net Network which is a regional broadband network linking First Nations and their service organizations using a variety of ICTs including video conferencing, IP telephony, on-line forums, e-mail, and other web-based communication tools.
(read more)

Legal Aid     Employment Assistance
Gideon Kakepetum - Legal Aid Worker NAN 
The Legal Aid Worker provides advice and assistance to members of the First Nation in conflict with the Law. (read more)

Les Meekis - Community Manager
Rudy Turtle - Outreach Worker

Keewaytinook Okimakanak Employment Services works closely with First Nation Chiefs and Councils to assist and support community members to achieve personal and community employment and training objectives. (read more)

Office Support   Public Works Unit
Cheryl Bechard- Executive Secretary
Donna Wilkins - Balmertown Receptionist

Office support is provided to all the departments in Keewaytinook Okimakanak.  The secretarial and reception staff ensures that guests and visitors are received and looked after.  They maintain levels of supplies and ensure the office equipment is functioning.  Minutes of meetings and research is conducted by the secretarial staff for the rest of the office. (read more)
Peter Campbell - Public Works Manager  
Janice Peebles - Public Works Secretary  
Ray Stewart- Construction Inspector 
Bruce Piercy - Technical Services Advisor
Serge Bernard - Project Technologist
Barry Strachan - O&M Technologist
Jerry Pokrupa - Architectural Technologist

The Public Works Unit provides advisory and technical services to our First Nation Communities in the areas of:

  • Technical Training & Development
  • Community & Capital Planning
  • Policy & Housing Inspection
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Minor Capital Projects
  • Major Capital Projects
  • Other Capital Project
    (read more)