Keewaytinook Okimakanak works closely with First Nation Chiefs and Councils to assist and support community members to achieve personal and community employment and training objectives. Some of the duties of the Outreach Worker include:
  • Meeting and supporting community members,
  • Multimedia development,
  • identifying funding programs and resource people,
  • developing community-based training and employment in consultation with community leaders.

K-Net Tutorials
Web Site ProductionThese manuals/tutorials will walk you through the steps of creating a website.
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KiHS - Keewaytinook Otimakanak Internet High School

Keewaytinook Internet High School has been created for Aboriginal youth who live in small isolated First Nation communities in Ontario. Traditionally, students in such circumstances must leave home to attend high school. For those who prefer to remain at home with their extended family, and yet want a high school education, KiHS is a welcome development. (Click Here)

E-Centres are the distribution point for network access in each Smart First Nation from where the local organizations, programs and the homes receive their connection to the high speed data network. Local network technicians maintain the network hardware, provide technical training, assist local clients with computer needs, office LANS, and help local consumers and organizations install cable modems and network cards in their computers.

Managers are organizing training (introductory, multi-media, technical) and deliver hands-on introductory sessions from the Centres. Introductory workshops focus on use of internet technologies - basic applications like e-mail - and computer applications. Public sessions will be augmented by focussed technology transfer workshops with community partners - teachers, health professionals, police, and Band employees. Read more...