Summary of Related Keewaytinook Okimakanak Projects and Partnerships involving K-Net


Events/ Relation to community/purpose Products/Action Project Partners and Funders
1994 KO Education Advisor, Education Directors and Chiefs present proposal to SLAAMB for a "Stay-in-school" project Staff hired in fall

BBS established and operational

Computer equipment installed, local FN staff hired, training provided in each KO FN


1995 KO staff present proposal to other tribal councils and INAC to staff and operate BBS for the district K-Net BBS grows to include FN schools from across the district

Support for schools to get on-line

Shibogama FN Council

Windigo FN Council


1995 -


Small group training session in the K-Net Services premises.

Large group sessions at conferences

Telephone support is provided for individuals, First Nation staff members and organizations throughout the district using toll-free services (877-737-KNET)

On-line training support via the K-Net Conferencing System

Computer mediated communication (CMC) courses are delivered using the K-Net for example Confederation College's Aboriginal Teacher Assistant Program (since 1996)

Community based training sessions with K-Net Services staff travelling to different First Nations to deliver training sessions

Computer Assisted Learning packages

Support Services Ministry of Education and Training


Sioux Lookout District Fns

Confederation College

Lakehead University



K-Net Services maintains a Helpdesk for the Industry Canada First Nation SchoolNet Project to assist schools throughout Northern Ontario with the set up and operation of the computer and DirecPC equipment being supplied to each First Nation school by Industry Canada. Help desk providing technical support and on-site visits (as required) Industry Canada's Schoolnet Program and Youth Employment Program

Computer Technician Training for KO FNs (UI program) 1996-97

Computer Technician (District-wide - 14 FNs participate) 1997

Computer Network Administrator and Webmaster (District-wide - 15 FNs participate) 1998

Telecommunications Support Technician (District-wide - 17 FNs participate) 1999

ICT Telecentre Coordinator (District-wide - 15 FN participate) 2000

Broadband Technician (District-wide - 15 FN participating) 2001

Local staffing and support for use of computer equipment

Training programs for staff and community members

Call centre support services

Sioux Lookout



Sioux Lookout
District FNs

Summers of 1996, 97, 98, 99, 2000 CAP First Nation Summer Students

The Travelling Computer Technology Camp (1997)

The Community-Based Science and Technology Camp (1998)

The KO Community-Based Science and Technology Camp (1999)

Summer student employment / training

Science and Technology camps

Industry Canada CAP

INAC - Science and Technology Camp

1999 - 2001 Telecom Infrastructure Upgrades

North of Red Lake Digital Radio Upgrade

Satellite Served First Nations Upgrade

Deer Lake and Poplar Hill Telecom Digital Data Service Upgrade

North Spirit Lake Telecom Service Development

Keewaywin Telecom Service Development

North Of Pickle Lake Digital Radio Telecom Upgrade


Bell Canada





First Nations

1997 -ongoing Community Access Program development, operation and maintenance for local access access sites established, staffed and maintained in KO First Nations

support provided to other 24 remote First Nation sites

Industry Canada CAP

1998 - 2000 A Wide Area Computer Network to provide remote support for the Band Office programs, Health services and Education services in each

Keewaytinook Okimakanak First Nation.

Wide Area Network

Development, training and ongoing support




1998-2000 Working with representatives from all

the groups working with NAN First

Nations (Tribal Councils, NADF, NAN,

NALS, NAPS, Wawatay, etc) to identify telecommunication needs of region and develop a strategy to provide adequate services in all First Nations.

NAN-Wide Telecommunications Study and Development, support

for NAN FNs to get connected



1998-1999 CRTC hearings on High Cost Service

Areas K-Net Services staff in partnership with the Nishnawbe-Aski Telecommunications Working Group is coordinating participation in and monitoring of the CRTC proceedings studying telecommunication services to "High Cost Serving Areas (HCSA). Begun in May, 1998 by Wawatay Native Communications Society, this process involved several presentations, asking and responding to questions from the other groups in the hearings. The final presentation was made in January, 1999 with Final Arguments being filed with the CRTC in February, 1999

CRTC Hearings High Cost Areas


1999 - 2000 Consultations, partnerships, community planning

K-Net Business Plan Development (NOHF stage 2 process)

Kuh-ke-nah Letter of Intent for I.C. SMART




1999-2000 Research project - case study of rural and remote ICT development

Research Project Report Year 1 (PACTS for Rural (and Remote) Ontario OMAFRA

University of Guelph

Telecommons Development Group

1999-2001 Satellite served high speed data connection to provide IP video services between Fort Severn and Sioux Lookout organizations

Establish dedicated data connection and bandwidth on demand for video applications


Telesat Canada

1999-2000 Consultations, partnerships, community planning Kuh-ke-nah Business Plan for I.C. SMART


2000-2001 Consultation, Development of telepsychiatry and telehealth services

Health Canada

NORTH Network

2000 On-line program for Grade 8 students in KO Fns

Development of Grade 9 Internet-based high school program in three KO Fns

Keewaytinook Internet High School


Ministry of Education

2000-2001 Multiplexer installation for Frame Relay service in ten First Nations north of Red Lake and Pickle Lake

High speed data connections established for video conferencing network in Keewaywin, Deer Lake, NSL, Poplar Hill, Balmertown and Sioux Lookout FedNor

Bell Canada

Education Network of Ontario (ENO)

2001 Development of Training Server and on-line training software (WebCT) Health Training Programs FedNor

Change Foundation

Rural Partnerships

2001 - Telehealth project to deliver a number of applications in KO First Nations Expansion of NORTH Network services into Sioux Lookout Zone Health Canada


Hospitals across Northern Ontario

Adapted From: PACTS for Rural (and Remote) Ontario Research Project Report Year 1 (1999-2000) -