Workshop Day 2, Tuesday, November 20

The workshop began with an opening prayer by Halum Kakepetum. Raymond Mason gave introductions of the Health staff, Smart people as well as the people fromTelecommons.

Ricardo Ramirez (Telecommons Development Group), introduced the days agenda.


Here is Les, Lawrence, Raymond, Dorothy and Helen.

Health Agenda

We identified who was present and who was absent in the health sector, with the aim of ensuring that those who are away are invited to review and comment on the workshop results.


Dorthy Kakepetum, BDC

Mary Kakegamic, Home Care

Karen Kakepetum, HBHC

Halum Kakepetum, Transportation

Lawrence Mason, Mental Health

Kathleen Kakegamic, Referral

Nancy Kakepetum, Crisis

Mary Jane Kakepetum, Nutrition


James Kakepetum, Health Director (attending meeting in Balmertown)

Doreen Kakepetum, CHR

Yvonne Kakepetum, NNADAP

Duane Kakepetum, Maintenance

Sally Day, Home Support

Martha Rae, Home Support


Everyone is asked what they came to this workshop expecting . The ideas were written on coloured construction paper, with one idea per piece to see the community take charge of health and technology in a practical manner

We gathered expectations on cards.

Community Awareness
Smart Awareness
Public Meetings

using technology for better communication and information gathering


To see the town take charge of health and technology in a practical manner
To learn more about the Smart program to get informed
Public meetings to express ideas and thoughts
Quick sevices
Get connected to more resources about health issues
using new technology to have better programs and services
Good role model, Show the community members
To get better understanding
Have more workshops in Keewaywin
Reduced trips
To learn about health care
I am able to get some training to work with the equipment
To find out how this program will help the community work towards improving health
More workshops in the community from outside resources
Have all health services come to the community
Get an education through Smart
Update our computers. I need a computer for the program
To meet all the people involved
To provide services right here in the community
Provide me with more ways to get access to resources
Community participation
More personal interaction with professional people
more participation in workshops

Participants crossed off the expectations that had been met, others that were not point at services that the E-Centre may want to offer.

What is Good Health? Our Spray Diagrams..

Participants brainstormed on what GOOD HEALTH means in Keewaywin. The diagram allows everyone to “spray” their ideas on to paper.

From the spray diagram, we worked on another one, describing:

  •    the vision or results that the health workers are working towards (large bubbles),
  •   the programs they are involved with (in green),
  •    how they are using and plan to use the technology that the SMART project brings to the community (in red), and
  •     what to measure to show that the visions or goals were being reached, or that the programmes were moving ahead yellow sticky papers)

    The table below is a summary made from the diagram. Many programme outcomes contribute to more than one result. Programmes that are already using SMART technology have red letters for video-conferencing (VC), personal computers with Internet (PCI), list server (LS); E-Centre programmes are all in red.

    Table of Results, Programmes (outcomes) and indicators for Good Health in Keewaywin.






    Community awareness

    Nutrition:  better awareness of diabetes and more people involved in the diabetic programs

    More awareness for Pregnant moms, drugs, smoke,alcohol abuse.

    Elder support (Video Conferencing)

    Organization and coordination (Live Sessions)

    Community website showcasing activities and programs

    Awareness on: TB, diabetes, STD, drugs and alcohol abuse, family violence, sexual abuse

    Healthy foods

    Better nutrition, more traditional foods, class room visits, more healthy foods in store

    Elder support (Video Conferencing)

    Healthy babies




    High esteem

    Less violence, suicide rate drops,

    Less vandalism;

    People involved in more positive activities

    People are working to keep their land clean (sense of pride)

    Social activities (computer club)

    Mental health

    Fitness program

    More community involvement in various programs, ie fitness programs, guitar lessons


    Day Care


    Healthy babies (Phones Computers & Internet)


    Healthy children

    Pregnant women: drugs, smoke, alcohol, abuse awareness

    Statistics, how many children seen and for what; more prevention awareness

    Home visiting: let parents know about parenting and pre-natals

    Healthy babies (Phones Computers & Internet)


    Home care

    Fitness program


    Stress management

    Less violence

    Better overall health

    Better quality of work

    Guitar lessons


    Organization and coordination (Live Sessions)

    Fitness program

    Leisure and recreation

    More community involvement in various programs, ie fitness programs, guitar lessons


    Good hygiene

    Better health

    Improved personal appearance

    Class room visits – teaching

    Hygiene awareness

    Home support

    Healthy babies (Phones Computers & Internet)

    Housing awareness


    Improved living conditions

    Better maintained homes; Houses last longer; Less overcrowding

    Better home environment, clean house

    Home support (for) clients

    Elder support (Video Conferencing)


    Community counseling


    Non violence in homes

    Dry reserve

    Activities in community


    Mental health

    Drugs and alcohol (Phones Computers & Internet)

    Crisis co-ordinator



    Confidentiality (patients) (Video Conferencing)

    Discuss personal – private issues with worker, ie MHO, NDAP, BFL on chat, if you feel uncomfortable with eye contact

    Brighter futures

    Referral clerk


    Dentist and eye doctor

    Dentist and eye doctor



    Number of workshops and training increased through Video Conferencing


    Extended clinic

    More people to work (offices), more offices in clinic



    (as above)


    Nurse present at all times



    Funds Videoconferencing

    Telehealth-less medical visits to outside community, more patients treated in community


    Trained health staff


    Workshops and training (Video Concferencing)

    Organization and coordination (Live Sessions)


The table includes the indicators developed with the Health group; further inputs are needed from other people who were away. TeleCommons will review the inputs and suggest additional indicators and ways of collecting them in future.

During the day, Jesse Fiddler did demonstrations on how to develop a website to upload the workshop results.