North Spirit Lak Education Day

We identified who was present and who was absent in the education sector, with the aim of ensuring that those who are away are invited to review and comment on the workshop results.

Eva Rae - Native language teacher Susan Rae - Principal, Teacher
Maria Meekis - Teacher's assistance Georgette Kavanough - Tutor escort
Maida Linklater - Teacher Maggie Kakegamic - Cook
Charlotte Rea, Teacher Calvin Rae - Bus driver, janitor
Steven Wesley - Tutor escort Bob Rae - Maintenance
Homer Meekis - Education Authority Board Member Elizabeth Meekis - LEA member
Joyce Rae - Finance Boyce Meekis - LEA member
Darrel Tollman - Tutor escort  
Caroline Kesic - Social coordinator  
Angus Rea - T.A.  
Sheila Bruce - Teacher  
Jim Coulis - Teacher  
Dale Jack - CAP worker  
Arnold Thomson - Multi-media  


Once again, we gathered expectations on cards...

Expectations for the education sector

SMART Funding Training and activities Community involvement Facilities and equipments Native Staff
*What is SMART

*What does NSL want to do with SMART

*How will SMART help NSL

*More funding

*More funding for students and schools

*Funding for special needs students

*Get more training

*Get more educated people

*Extra curricular activities

*More indoor activities for students to play with

*Training for working with special needs children

*More outdoor camping for students

*Guest speaker

*Field trips out of town

*Breakfast program

*More action less talk

*Homemake classes

*Craft making

*More community involvement

*More teachers involvement

*More parents involvement

*More elders coming into the school

*More involvement from Chief and council

*Involvement with other schools

*Connect with other schools through video-conferencing

*New schools

*Gym centre

*New library

*Playground facilities

*Bigger staff room

*One grade per classroom

*More activity centre

*More computers

*Need a bigger bus

*Need indoor supplies

*New coffee maker

*New high school

*Need new library

*More traditional and cultural teaching *More support staff

*Helping hand

*Principal only job

*We need a LEA chairperson

*Need volunteers

Better work ethics and teamwork among employees

Participants brainstormed on what a better education means in North Spirit Lake.

The diagram allows everyone to "spray" their ideas on to paper.

From the spray diagram, we worked on another one, describing the existing and the proposed programs, and the way the technology is used presently (in red), and might be used in the future (in orange).

Then Dan and Darlene explained the goals and objectives of the SMART program and the activities to date.

Jacob made sure that all the activities conducted during the workshop were recorded.

Present programs Proposed programs
Lunch hour program Recreation programs (PCI)
E-centre (ICT) Information center (PCI,VC,TR)
Tutor escort program (PCI,VC,TR) Drop in center
KHIS (PCI,VC,TR,SS,W) Elder involvement
Fundraising (PCI) Communicating with other schools (VC, OL,TR)
Technical assistance (PCI,VC,TR) Parental involvement and education
Teaching tools (PCI) (TR,VC) Teacher upgrading (VC,PCI)
Social counselors (VC,TR,PCI,OL) Community meeting
Native language (W) (VC,PCI,TR) Curriculum (VC,OL)
School bus Newsletter (W,OL)
  Teachers video-conferencing session
  Teacher's video-conference demo (VC)