Economic Development Day

Participants identified who was present and who was absent in relation to the economic development with the aim of ensuring that those who are away are invited to review and comment on the workshop results.

Susan Owen E-Centre manager

Public works

Donald Moose Band Councillor
Power authority
Rita Wassaykeesic Telehealth coordinator
Band administrator
Salina Strang Assistant technician
Major capital project coordinator
Teresa Wassaykeesic Health director
Welfare coordinator
Band council

Then Jacob provided a summary of the economic development strategies for the KO communities.

Participants brainstormed on what Economic development mean in Poplar Hill


- the vision or results that the economic development workers are working towards (large bubbles),

- the programs they are involved with (in green),

- desired programs (in orange),

- how they are using and plan to use the technology that the SMART project brings to the community (in red),

- how they would like to use the technology (in blue), and

- what to measure to show that the visions or goals were being reached, or that the programs were moving ahead (yellow sticky papers)

Table of Results, Programs, Activities, Resources, and indicators for Economic Development in Poplar Hill.


Programs / Activities / Resources


Business centre

Hotel (P, T SS) (PC, PCI, W)

Clients, workers, employees


E-Center (P, PC, PCI, VC, W, OL, TR, SS, T)

Computer access, staff support


Northern store (P, T, PC) (OL, PCI)

More variety, bigger


Gas station (P. PC, PCI, SS)

Gas accessible


Garage (T) (P, TR, PCI, OL, SS)

Vehicles in longer operation


Laundry mat


Church (T) (VC, PC, PCI, SS)

More attendance


Radio station (P, T) (PC, PCI, SS)

Better radio programs, more listeners


Police station (OL. P, T, PC, PCI) (SS, TR)

Additional office


Water & sewage (P, PC, T) (PCI, SS, OL)

Maintained treatment of water and sewage disposal


Pluming (T) (TR, PC, SS, OL PCI)

Increased employment


Electrical services (T) (PC, TR)

Increased employment


Taxi service (P, T)

Accessible travel


Computer business (P, PC, PCI, SS, OL, TR, T)

More computer literacy


Air transportation service (P, PC, PCI, SS, OL, TR, T)

Lower cost, convenient flights


Restaurant (P, PC, PCI, SS, OL, TR, T)


Bakery (P, PC, PCI, SS, OL, TR, T)


Hair salon (T, P, PC, PCI, W, TR, OL)


Human resources development

Policy development (PC, PCI, OL)

Established policies


Training (TR)






Professional development




Water & sewage training

More trained technicians


E-Center training


Electrician training

More trained technicians


Financial management training

Better financing, accurate financial forecast, better report on financial statement


Business management training

Better business skills & knowledge


Human resources training

Better teamwork


Business law

Better understanding of business legislation

Natural resource development

Hydro (P, T, PC)

No diesel used


Fishing (T) (PC, PCI, P)

Keeping traditional lifestyle


Trapping (T) (PC, PCI, P)

Keeping traditional lifestyle


Firewood harvesting (T, SS)

Heated homes


Forestry (T, P, PC, PCI, W, TR, OL)

More employment


Tourism (T, P, PC, PCI, W, TR, OL)

More employment


Mineral exploration (T, P, PC, PCI, W, TR, OL)

More employment


Commercial fishing (T, P, PC, PCI, W, TR, OL)

More employment


Eco tourism (T, P, PC, PCI, W, TR, OL)

More employment


Wild rice

Wild rice farm in Poplar Hill


Laundry mat


Old hotel


Recreation centre (P, T)

Recreation programs


School (P, PC, PCI, OL, W, TR)


Water treatment plant (P, T, PC)



Building exists


Bingo hall

Building exists


Day care centre (T, P)

Building exists


Old age home (P, T, VC, PC, PCI, TR)

Building exists


Larger Band office (P, PC, PCI, SS, OL, TR,T)

Building exists


Youth centre (P, PC, PCI, SS, OL, TR,T)

Building exists


Parking lot (P)

Parking lot exists


Arena (P, T, TR)

Building exists


Band hall

Building exists


Training centre

Building exists


Fuel store

Building exists



Building exists


Local business centre

Building exists


Carpenter shop

Building exists

Hydro plant project



Plans (P)


Big generating plant (P, PC, PCI, SS, OL, TR,T)

Lower power cost, employment



Funds are available



Power backup



Support for hydro, employment


Self sustainable hydro system

No outages