Education Day

The third day of the community engagement workshop in Poplar Hill was dedicated to education. Participants identified who was present and who was absent in the education sector, with the aim of ensuring that those who were away are invited to review and comment on the workshop results.

Jim Suggashie – Band councillor


Anna Owen – Mental health trainee
The Education board
Barbara Strang – Community health representative
Anita Strang – Computer technician
Chief and Council

Salina Strang – CAP youth worker

Student rep.
Howard Comber – Education director
Teresa Wassaykeesic – Health Director
Social services
Ruth Wassaykeesi – Pre natal nutrition - educator
Brian Beaton (K-Net) provided a brief summary of the SMART and the progress made to date on the implementation of the SMART Project


Once again, participant expressed their expectations on cards.

Participants brainstormed on what contributes to a Quality education in Poplar Hill.

The diagram allows everyone to "spray" their ideas on to paper describing:

  • the vision or results that the education workers are working towards (large bubbles),
  • the programs they are involved with (in green),
  • the desired programs (in orange),
  • the existing use of technology (in red),
  • the desired use of technology (in blue), and
  • what to measure to show that the visions or goals were being reached, or that the programmes were moving ahead (yellow sticky papers)

At the end, this was the results…

Table of Results, Programs / resources, and indicators for Quality education in Poplar Hill

The table below is a summary made from the diagram. Many program outcomes contribute to more than one result.


Programs / resources


Better Infrastructure

Satellite dishes (T, P, SS)

News, news updates, weather


Airport (T, P, SS, TR) (

Air ambulance

Night travel

Better service


Winter road (SS, TR, W)

Lower prices of goods


Roads (T)

Safety, awareness, supplies


Fire hydrants (T) (TR, SS)

Emergency fire team


Running water. (T, P)

Cleaner and healthier lifestyle


Store (P, PCI, PC, T, SS) (W, OL)

Community based shopping mall


Day care (TR, SS, T, P, W, VC)

Community workforce 70%


Teacherage (P, T, PC, PCI, SS)

Teacher retention

Community education programs

Ontario curriculum (P, T, PCI, W, TR) (VC, OL, TR)

More graduates


Radio station (P, T, SS, TR)

Communication, news


Canoe trip (T, TR)

Survival skills



Health living lifestyle


Distance education (P, T, W, SS, OL)

Complete high school diploma


Wawatay (T, P) (PC, PCI)



Driver education

Responsible and safe drivers


Adult education (VC, OL, PC, PCI)

Post secondary degrees


Health family training (SS, TR, T, P, OL)

Parenting skill

Family involvement

Traditional teaching

Family gathering (P, T) (PCI, OL, VC, SS)


Feasts (P, T, W, SS)

Learn to cook wild meet and traditional food


Camping (T) (TR)

More traditional skills


Language (P, T, SS, PC) (PCI, PC, VC, W)

Keep language


Elder support (P, T) (VC, SS)

More visual involvement


First language (P, T, VC, TR)

Language is not lost

English remains second language


Non school settings (T, TR, P, VC)

Site established for teaching


Traditional gathering & dancing (P, T, TR, SS, W, PCI)

More gatherings

More culture


Cultural documentation (PC, PCI, T, P, VC, OL)


Bigger and better school

School bus (T)

Other services


Land (T)

Bigger space for school


Play ground (T)

Could hear the kids play


Existing building (P, PCI, PC, TR, T, OL, W) (VC, SS)



Community centre (TR, P, T) (VC, PC, PCI)

More equipment


Library (P, PCI, PC, OL, TR, VC)

Children have more reading material


Science lab (P, PCI, PC, T, VC, SS, OL, TR)


Bigger school bus (TR, T, P)

Bigger school bus passing by


Grade 9 and 10 (TR, T, VC, PC, PCI, SS)


Computer lab (P, PCI, PC, T, VC, SS, OL, TR)

More computer training


More space (SS, OL, T)

More classrooms


Resources (W, PC, PCI, VC, OL, SS, P, T)

Lots of funding, more resources

Trained school staff

Breakfast program (P, T, SS) (PCI)

Healthy food


Vitamin & brushing teeth (SS, T) (PCI)

Better hygiene


K 5,6,7,8 (TR, SS, P, T, W, OL, PC, PCI)

Steady student population willing to learn


Work experience (T, W, PC, P) (TR, SS, T)

Better program delivery

Less cost to train or upgrade


Board & principal training (T, P, TR, SS)

Longer work service and better locally trained LEA/principals


More graduates

Pride in the community

Local trained people good models

Goals are reachable


Guidance councillor (TR, PCI, PC, SS)

Staff has been hired


Funds (T, P, VC, PCI, TR, SS, W)

Better education and teacherage program, and longer staff retention


Community support (P, SS, OL, PCI)

More people get involved


Training and upgrading

Better trained and longer on Board working using their experience



Legend: video-conferencing (VC), personal computers with Internet (PCI); training (TR), service support (SS); On-line services including list serves, chat, discussion forum (OL); websites (W); (P) phone, (PC) personal computer, and new technology (T)