• Who is present? Who is absent?
  • Expectations: Cards
  • What is good health?: Spray Diagrams
  • Rich Diagrams
  • Table of Results, Programmes (outcomes) and Indicators
On January 22, the focus was on the health sector. The participants identified who was present and who was absent in the health sector, with the aim of ensuring that those who are away are invited to review and comment on the workshop results.


Susan Owen – E-Centre manager
Health board
Anna Owen – Mental Health Trainee
Prenatal nutrition
Maggie Moose – National Native Alcohol Drug Awareness Program (NNADAP)
Dental assistant
Lydia Owen – Referral clerk
Alice Suggashie – Multi media production
Chief and council
Fabian Campbell – Assistant Health director
Mental health consultant
Teresa Wassaykeesic – Health Director
Patient driver
Rita Wassaykeesic – Tele-health coordinator
Tikinagan worker
Barbara Strang – CHR
Home care worker
Anita Strang – Computer technician
Water treatment worker
Salina Strang – CAP youth worker

Participants’ expectations for the health sector were gathered on cards.

Jim Suggashie – Councilor

Bella Moose – Healthy babies coordinator

Georgina SuggashieResource MOM

Once expectations were gathered, the participants brainstormed on what Good health means in Poplar Hill. The diagram allows everyone to "spray" their ideas on to paper.


From the spray diagram, the participants worked on another one, describing:

- the vision or results that the health workers are working towards (large bubbles),

- the programs they are involved with (in green),

- how they are using the technology (in red),

- how they plan to use the technology that the SMART project brings to the community (in blue),

- programs they would like to have in the community (in orange), and

- what to measure to show that the visions or goals were being reached, or that the programmes were moving ahead yellow sticky papers)

The table below is a summary made from the diagram. Many program outcomes contribute to more than one result. Programs that are already using SMART technology have red letters for video-conferencing (VC), personal computers with Internet (PCI); training (TR), service support (SS); On-line services including list serves, chat, discussion forum (OL); websites (W); and new technology (T).

, …

Table of Results,

Programs, and indicators for Good Health in Poplar Hill.




Traditional values and teachings

Traditional legends (T, P) (VC, W)

No lost stories


Community feasts (T, P, W)

50% community feasts on memorials, openings, and churches


Family gathering (T, P, W) (VC)

Seeing more family gatherings for fishing, derby’s, both in winter and summer


Elders support (T, P) (VC)


Traditional medicine (P, T) (VC, TR, W)

90% increase in traditional medicine


Using traditional land (P, T, OL) (W)

Trap lines, fishing continues also with trapping, hunting festivities

More wild life


Elders gathering and feats (VC, T, P, PCI)

Show lot of respect for our elders for their wisdom and knowledge


TB (P, SS, T) (TR)

Disease controlled or reduced


Suicide (P, SS, PCI, OL, T) (TR, VC)

Suicide rate reduced


Diabetes (P, PCI, TR, SS, T) (W, VC)

Disease controlled or reduced


Immunization (P, PCI, TR, SS, OL, T) (W, VC)

Healthier people


Domestic violence (P, SS, OL,)

Community family counselors


Hypertension (P, PCI, SS, TR, T) (W)


Well being clinic (P, PCI, TR, SS, OL, T)

Healthier people



Health babies

New and larger facility

Telehealth program (P, PCI, PC, VC, OL, SS, T)

Less traveling

Lower spending of medical funds


New equipment (P, PCI, TR, SS, OL, T)

More trained technicians


Population needs and reports (SS, PCI, P, OL) (VC, W)


Support from zone hospital (T, P, SS, VC)

Documents recorded


More hydro (PC, T, SS, TR)

Hydro comes from Eyefalls and no longer on diesel generator


Location (P, T, OL)

New health facility will be located in central area


Evaluation planning (T, P, SS, VC)

Documents recorded

Improve services

Community workshops (P, T, SS) (VC)

Community members are more informed on health topics


Full time nurse (P, PC, TR, SS, VC, OL, W, T)

Two nurses living in the community


Child care center (P, VC, PC, TR, SS, T)

Building established and in operation


Better residence for doctors and nurses

Doctor and nurse staying longer and enjoying their stay


Elders complex (P, TR, SS, T, PCI, PC)


More visits from specialists (P, PCI, VC, SS)

More visits


Access funding (W, P, T, PCI, SS, OL)

More fund for projects

Community well being

Indoor, outdoor activities (T, P, SS) (PC)

Sport teams for all ages, COED, males, females


Fitness (T, P, SS)

Fit and healthy community members


Youth programs (P, T, SS) (TR)

More youth involved


Family consulting (T, P) (VC)

Family participation and respect


Radio programs (P, T, SS)

More announcements

Radio shows – women hour, men’s hour, children’s hour


Safety (P, W, VC, TR, T)


Better budgeting (P, PC, PCI, T, TR, SS, OL)

More community vocal concerns

Meeting program financial requirements



Better behaved and responsible people

Community awareness

Nutrition (P, T, PC, PCI) (VC)

Healthier community members


Prenatal (P, T, PC, PCI) (VC)


Diabetes education


Sex education (T, SS, OL)

Less teen pregnancies


HIV/AIDS education (W, OL, SS, T)


Safety (P, W, VC, TR, T)


T.B. education (W, OL, SS, T)

More community knowledge


Hypertension education (TR, SS)


Life styles (TR, SS, T, W)


Non alcohol and drug community

Support groups (P, T) (SS, VC)

Church groups


Security program (P, T) (TR)

Zero alcohol and drugs coming to the community



Alcohol anonymous groups

Alcohol teen groups


Workshops (P, T, SS, VC, OL)


Role models (W, SS, TR, OL)

Children have a better sense of direction

Job training

Community based training (VC, TR, SS, PC, PCI)

More success in programs


Community computer training (T, PC, PCI, SS, OL, TR)

More success in programs


Job continuity (T, TR, SS, P, PC, PCI)

Longer employment


Career information (W, VC, T, P, OL, PC, PCI)

More info on posters, Internet