List of Participants

From Fort Severn First Nation

Angus Miles (Computer Technician)
Robert Thomas (Band Councillor)
Mel Oreckin (First Nations Management)
Hyke van Der Wahl (Principal)
Connie Thomas (Learning Centre Assistant)
Moses Kakekaspan (Deputy Chief)
Matthew Kakekaspan (Education Director)
George Kakekaspan (Chief)
Daisy Kabestra (Health Director)
Linda Miles (Band Administrator)
Julie Miles (Health Committee)
Marie Gray (Learning Centre Coordinator)
David Dunsford (NAPS Officer)
Elijah Stoney (elder)
Albert Bluecoat (X-ray Technician)
Jenny Kakekaspan (Welfare Administrator)
Myla Bluecoat (CHR)
Ennis Crowe (Housing Coordinator)

Resource People

Ricardo Ramirez (TDG consultant, Guelph)
Don Richardson (TDG consultant, Guelph)
Dawn Carpenter (Videoconferencing Coordinator, K-Net Services, Sioux Lookout)
Brian Beaton (Coordinator, K-Net Services, Sioux Lookout)
Florence Woolner (Consultant, Sioux Lookout)

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