STEP 4: Creating Rich Pictures

A second step is to tidy up the rich pictures so that they can communicate what the group is working one. The picture is "rich" with information. Rich pictures are organized version of spray diagrams, and they use as many drawings and icons as possible to convey information. Each line drawn should include details on what the linkage is about, what is exchange, what communication tool is used, etc. The names of people and organizations that should be involved in further planning also begin to appear. The rich picture is the transition from the brainstorming to the next step where specific activities are worked on. It is a group planning tool that is fun to use.

The steps and rules used to create a rich picture are the following:

  1. Show Main Topics / Re-organize
  2. Use Pictures
  3. Each time ASK WHO? Include names
    • of PEOPLE
  4. Show Linkages, Add what is being exchanged (Communication Technologies)

Interactive Rich Pictures
(requires flash player)

Group 1: Better Local Government
Group 2: Education in Fort Severn
Group 3: Good Health Care

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