STEP 2: Finding out what is in people's minds

The workshop participants were asked to write on large cards. The question asked: “What do you expect to gain from this workshop?” The instructions were:
Draw or write
The cards were grouped into major categories:

By using cards and putting them on the wall, all workshop participants got a sense of what was on everyone's mind. We are all curious, and this tool attracts attention and invites even the most shy to contribute to the process. This is the first step towards having a shared understanding of what a community wants and needs to learn in order to harness the technologies and take control over them.


  1. Eco-tourism
  2. Distance Education
  3. TeleHealth Initiatives
  4. New Standards in Health
  5. Court Video
  6. New Standards in Governance


  1. When a computer doesn’t work
  2. Computer training
  3. Learn more about computers
  4. Confused when you don’t understand about computers
  5. Fear of computers
  6. Learning to use new equipment

Community Planning

  1. Identify how technology help/enhance old standards
  2. How Fort Severn wants to use the Internet
  3. Get a sense of what is most important to community members
  4. Planning for health
  5. How do we take advantage of this technology to make it as part of progress for education for our community? I.e. so kids will benefit from it
  6. Learn new ideas for using these tools
  7. Planning for the future
  8. Community feedback and input
  9. Who is going to take care of it?
  10. How to use videoconferencing


  1. Internet Phone, how to use it
  2. What the kids will see
  3. Uses of videoconferencing for conducting interviews without taking a larger contingent of interviewers down south
  4. Learning how and more ways to use the Internet for work and recreational purposes, ie travel
  5. Meeting new people by videoconferencing
  6. Looking for information
  7. Interest in learning a new language through the Internet, and/or videoconferencing
  8. Watching surgery, professional training, family connection
  9. Identify what side effects it has, i.e. is it addictive?

Facilities & Eqiupment

  1. Telecommunication facilities
  2. Where is the equipment going to be put?
  3. How do you get hooked up at home?

Electronic Commerce

  1. How to do Xmas shopping in Fort Severn using the Net!?
  2. How safe is it to shop on the Internet using credit cards?
  3. How to sell Goose Down & Polar Bear skulls on the Internet
  4. How do you promote a business on the web?
  5. E-banking
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