STEP 3: Capturing Ideas / Brainstorming

We distributed the participants into three groups that were of an importance to the community, Education, Governance, and Health. The Fort Severn leadership led this process.

We used a tool called "spray diagram" where everybody's concern about a topic are put on paper to help the group get a sense of what matters to the people present, what issues are in their minds. We think of this as "spraying ideas onto paper". It is a group effort and the diagrams that come out are messy, but full of ideas that belong to people's concerns and to their visions. Even late comers feel comfortable with this exercise, some even jump in and add their ideas.

The steps and rules used to create one are the following:

  1. Put Down Major Topics or Issues
  2. Connect Ideas, Topics, Concerns that relate to major topics
  3. Add other ideas that relate
  4. When to stop: when you have enough Issues and nothing of major importance will be missed

Each group prepared their own spray diagram, the central question used by each is a key starting step and it is important as it guides how people think about issues:

Group 1: How to Build Better Local Government Through Telecommunications
Group 2: Education in Fort Severn for all Residents
Group 3: Good Health Care

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